Solid Foundations

Long-Range Wireless Sensors

Hardware modules for communicating with battery-powered End-Points over a long-range wireless link are GSC's most recent developments (jointly with IceWire).

LoRa Modules

The modules are based on spread-spectrum, LoRa-compatible, sub 1 GHz, transceivers from Semtech (SX1276). These transceivers can operate through walls over very long distances (up to 15km in rural setting). Modules are optimized for battery-powered operation with life-times of many years depending on “sleep” duty cycles.

Wide-Area or Local-Area Networks

Supports commercially available LoRaWAN Gateways, such as Multi-Tech Conduit, for cloud applications, or a Raspberry Pi with GSC “hat” having LoRa transceiver, real-time clock, and EEPROM for local applicatios.

White Papers

White Paper describing Sensor Interface Conditioners and demonstration platform.

White Paperr describing GSC's general purpose 0.5GHz-7.5GHz 40LP digital PLL with fractional/N functionality; one of four DPLL's GSC has developed.