Granite SemicCom (GSC) is   Dr. Kenneth W. Martin's , Ph.D., FIEEE ( newest company. His previous company, Snowbush Microelectronics (co-founded with David Johns), grew from one employee to a profitable company having fifty employees, including a Mexican Design Center, in its ten year existence. It was acquired by Gennum Corp. in 2007, where it is now a highly successful internal division. Similar to Snowbush Microelectronics, GSC is a Boutique Design House specializing in mixed-mode analog/digital circuits and systems. Its products are personally backed by the founder's reputation and over forty years experience. Dr. Martin is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and was awarded the 2019 IEEE GUSTAV ROBERT KIRCHHOFF AWARD Award Recipients. Recipients of this award are chosen by the IEEE Board of Directors and it is presented for "outstanding contributions to the fundamentals of any aspect of electronic circuits and systems that has a long-term significance or impact."" Photo of Kenneth Martin